So, I’m Jeremy Quick and a living example of living my dream day, every day following a dark time which started in March 2020 with redundancy and open-heart surgery, what a combination!

Perhaps as you’re reading this you can relate to redundancy or your career is looking wobbly, maybe your health isn’t ideal and anxious for the future.

Everything changed for me when I discovered an alternative to the 9-5 trap with stressful commuting, often being away from home 12 hours a day with family coming second.

What if I told you that you too could have a totally different quality of life, working with complete geographical freedom and a sustainable salary, with the potential to earn six figures, working sensible hours dictated by yourself.

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If you’re interested in my story in greater detail, then please read on, if I can then anyone can……….

I arrived in 1960, born in London and apart from a couple of my early years living in Yorkshire, the rest has been within 20 miles of the capital. One of six children, I came in at number 5 and learnt how to make do, keep my head down and get on with life. At 13, my dad passed which was a shock and probably a defining moment as I realised there aren’t any guarantees in life.

While still at school I landed a part time job in McDonalds, they had only just arrived in the U.K., firstly in Woolwich, Haymarket and Croydon. I was 14, although I convinced them I was 16 and landed a job.

They instilled in me a great work ethic and was impressed with the level of automation behind the scenes that created a great business, it wasn’t long before they offered a full-time job on their management programme so must have done something right. Not thinking beyond flipping burgers for a living the opportunity was declined, I was also too young at 15! It was a great company and have a lot to be grateful for, thank you McDonalds.​


One thing I shall never forget that had a lasting impact on me:  At the end of the first day I was asked to get my hair cut before the following weekend, which I agreed to. Walking in I was challenged as to why I hadn’t had the hair cut and I replied “I haven’t had time” to which my manager replied, “You had the time but didn’t make it a priority”

In life, we all have the same amount of hours in a day and days in a week, it’s how we chose to spend them!

At 17, mid-way through A levels disillusionment set in and jacked full time education for good, it’s a shame there wasn’t a more mature head on my shoulders at the time but hey ho.​

To cut a long story short, the next 43 years were spent in sales related work and loved the thrill of winning new clients and giving a service to customers that bred more business.

In March 2020, what seemed out of nowhere, the world changed and with lock down business dropped like a stone, there wasn’t enough to go round and the writing was on the wall. To cap it all, a routine check up revealed that all wasn’t right and required open heart surgery as a matter of urgency, there aren’t any guarantees in life, history had taught me this before.


Here’s the good news, my health is now great, firing on all cylinders and there is life after redundancy and a very good one at that.

Initially the desire was nothing more than putting some money in my pocket and as word got out about my situation, I started a gardening and landscaping business which could have mushroomed into a full-time occupation. However, this was trading my time for money and soon realised that I was replicating my old life, just in a different industry.

It was at this point that I stumbled upon the opportunity of starting an online business with just my laptop and internet connection, everything else was provided.

So, have I regrets, not at all having discovered a new way of working that’s changed my life.

Sometimes our hand is forced when events outside of our control like redundancy or poor health throw a curved ball, you just need to know that the next season in life can be better than the last, history doesn’t need to dictate the future

Like me, why not break the time for money way of working and enjoy a laptop lifestyle.


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